Content list and difficulty levels

Content list

If you want to see what content is available in the Tido Music app, it's best to visit our Tido Preview website, where you can browse and preview all available content. If you'd rather see a list of available content, you can download it from here:



Difficulty levels

We are working to grade the repertoire in the Tido Music app. In a future update, we will allow content to be filtered or sorted according to different criteria like composer and difficulty level. Until then, you can download the content list sorted by difficulty:




Please note: we endeavour to keep these lists accurate and up-to-date but there may be delays when content is published or removed from the platform. Please check the app or preview website for the most up-to-date list of available content. If the difficulty level is listed as "TBC" this means we are still in the process of grading this content.



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