I am at a certain Grade level with a particular exam board / school. Which Level of Mastering the piano with Lang Lang is right for me?

Roughly speaking the level numbers indicate the grade, although you’ll find by the end of the each level you will have exceeded the grade.


Should I use this app by myself or in lessons with my piano teacher?

This app can be used by anyone who wants to improve their technique, whatever their situation.


Can I use this app if I have never learnt the piano before and can't read music?

No, this app is not for beginners, but aimed at people who have been playing for at least one year upwards.


I already have the printed book. Should I buy the app as well or are they exactly the same?

The units and music are the same, but the app includes extra features and information, such as audio for all the pieces and exclusive videos of Lang Lang.


Do I need to complete the units in a particular order?

No, this is not a tutor, so you do not need to work through the units progressively. Pick and choose what you would like to focus on depending on your own needs and tackle the units in an order to suit you.


I think there is a mistake in the content. How can I tell someone about it?

If you have encountered any issues with content, please contact our team using the feedback form.

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