What is a Tido account?

A Tido account allows you to purchase a subscription to the Tido Music platform, and to download and use available content on any device which can use our apps.


Do I have to open a Tido account?

You must have an account to start a subscription. This is so that we can ensure you can access your content even if you delete the iPad app or move to a different device.

You can enjoy a free 7-day trial will full access to the Tido library of content.


How do I sign up for a Tido account?

If you follow any of the prompts to start a free trial, you will be directed to sign up for a Tido account as the first step.

You can create an account either with your email address or via your Facebook login. We only store your email address and name to make a Tido account.


How do I reset my password?

From the Home view:

  1. Tap Sign in
  2. Tap Sign in with email
  3. Tap Forgot your password?

Follow the instructions and we will send you an email with further instructions and a link you can use to reset your password.

Still need help?

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