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Introducing the Annotation tool

Add your own fingering, dynamics, articulations and more – make the score your own.

This tool lets you add, move or delete your own markings from a choice of symbols. Drag to place or move a symbol and tap to delete. You can also hide all markings and change the colour.

Please note: The annotation tool is available via Tido Music for iPad only.


Why does the background change colour when I select an annotation symbol?

You can only place an annotation symbol on an unshaded area of the score. This is to ensure that your annotations appear correctly even if the layout of the music changes when you adjust the size or orientation.


Will I keep my annotations if I delete and reinstall the app or install it on another device?

Annotations are specific to a particular installation of the app, so they will not be kept if the app is deleted or installed on a different device. However, if a device is restored in iTunes from a backup which includes the app, then annotations will also be restored.


Are my annotations backed up?

Your annotations will be backed up when you sync and backup your device via iTunes or iCloud.


Can I sync my annotations between different devices?

Your annotations are stored in your iPad and cannot be synced between different devices.


Will annotations affect the audio playback?

Annotations you add to the score will not affect the audio playback since the audio is a real recorded performance and cannot be altered.

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